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Devoid Show

Deprived of objects and artifacts, two characters dress in front of the public.

Through a classic formula; two clowns competing for who best jumps their pirouette, the circumstances confront them and the alliance, creating situations that involve the spectator.
A hug, the round, look into each other’s eyes until the union arrives,
the love that saves all and heals all.
So the message becomes universal, this one, a kind of mirror where we reflect on the other. where the world becomes only one again.

Technical requirements

  • Stage space 8 x 8 mts.
  • 7 mts. height.
  • Electric power supply 220 volts.
  • Duration of the show: 40min. Approx.


  • Anabel González, Banana (Argentina)
  • Rodrigo Rivera, Tallarín (Chile)