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"Deprived with Flight"

“Deprived with Flight”

Through a classic formula; two clowns display their antics and each showcases their best pirouette. Circumstances bring them together, forming an alliance and creating situations that engage the audience. An embrace, the circle, looking into each other’s eyes until union arrives, love that saves and heals everything. Thus, the message becomes universal, a sort of mirror where we can see ourselves, where the world becomes one again. Concluding the act, an acrobatic flight is performed, the characters bid farewell to the audience with an exciting aerial piece, paying homage to traditional circus.

Technical requirements

  • Space 8×6 meters
  • 4 ground anchor points
  • 2 Microphones with stands
  • 1 Microphone for the structure
  • 1 direct box with mini plug for MP4


  • Anabel González, Banana (Argentina)
  • Rodrigo Rivera, Tallarín (Chile)